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This animation pays homage to and remembers the words of my friend. It was projected at his funeral. It seeks to remember the beauty of his life through an integration of his poetry, his mother’s dance, his lifelong best friend’s wood sculptures and my animated drawings. While trying, myself, to understand, I am showing how his loved ones process grief through their prospective, artistic mediums.  It snapshots each individual currently mourning through their artistic outlet, flashbacks to that person’s memories of him and then proceeds to the next person. His best friend’s wood carving of a humming bird was made the night we found out about his passing. My flashback illustrates the rainy night he and I met and drove to a concert, whereas that of his best friend echoes their childhood sword fights. His words, through not originally written to be this way, seem to only refer to him and the vaporous memories we have left of him.

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