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Fracking Suburbia

Porter Ranch is now synonymous with “fracking.” This data visualization represents 200 air samples provided by SoCal Gas from 10/30/15 – 12/15/15. The ellipses & rectangles created in Processing represent amounts of methane gas in Porter Ranch expressed in ppm. My hometown was polluted by the 91,868 metric tons of methane escaped into Aliso Canyon. (I uploaded data into a String & parsed it into an array of integers. The incrementing variable in the for-loop increases the number of shapes for the entire data length. I moved the ellipses by manipulating its x coordinate). 


I saw friends, family & thousands of others relocate, separating my city’s close unity. Businesses suffered from the stigma & we felt uneasy at uncertain health side effects. As relocation homes filled, close ones drifted between hotels every few days. Similar to my other work, this piece delineates how people are marginalized. Their voices took less precedence against company profit from continued production. 

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